2011 Theatrical Report

This year I directed seven plays. Acted in two of them. I played Estragon in Waiting for Godot and The Father in Eurydice. I still haven’t received the photos for Snow White, The Learned Ladies, or this year’s production of This Bird of Dawning. I have only one actor shot of Eurydice. I’ll add more photos as I get them. The shots of Godot are by Cam Deaver, and the shots of The Trojan Women are by Whitney Kofford. All other actor shots are by Dusty Heuston. The beautiful scenic shots of Lughnasa and Eurydice are by Emma Miller. You can click on each photo to get a better look. I’m very pleased with each show. Brian Friel, Moliére, Euripides, Beckett, and Sarah Ruhl. This is the first year in the past six that I didn’t direct at least one Shakespeare play. But Hamlet rehearsals begin on January 4th. Here’s to another year of great theatre.

February: Dancing at Lughnasa, by Brian Friel

April: Snow White, by Javen Tanner

May: The Learned Ladies, by Moliére

June: The Trojan Women, by Euripides

September: Waiting for Godot, by Samuel Beckett

November: Eurydice, by Sarah Ruhl

December: This Bird of Dawning Singeth All Night Long, by Javen Tanner


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