2017 Theatrical Report

by Anton Chekhov

This was our first Waterford play of the year. It’s the third Chekhov play we’ve done at Waterford, the other two being The Seagull and Uncle Vanya. If you teach high school theater and you get Chekhov, do Chekhov plays. These productions have been some of the best we’ve done, and our audiences have loved them. (Photos by Dusty Heuston)

Cherry Orchard Poster


Adapted for the stage by Javen Tanner
Directed by Tara Tanner

I somehow managed to get begrudging permission from the Sendak estate to write and produce a stage version of this classic children’s book for our Lower School play this year. Tara directed it, and it was great fun. Unfortunately, part of the deal was that I cannot produce my script again. (Photos by Heather Mortenson)

The Wild Rumpus


by Peter Shaffer

I love a good farce, and Black Comedy is one of the best. It takes meticulous work to get a farce right, and my students were fantastic. (Photos by Dusty Heuston and Mindy Reynolds)

Black Comedy Poster


by Eugene O’Neill

Our first Sting & Honey production this year was one I’ve long wanted to do. It was the first play to be produced in the new Regent Street theater, the black box at the Eccles in downtown Salt Lake City. The Regent Street is Sting & Honey’s new home. I loved this cast. They created so many beautiful, brutal, and heartbreaking moments. Desire is truly one of the great American tragedies. (Photos by Samantha Kofford)

Desire Poster Final


by William Shakespeare

Timon of Athens is another play I’ve long wanted to do. I was so proud of this production. We reversed the genders of many of the characters, including our Timon. Fifty four roles were covered by fourteen actors, and the play was crystal clear. I was particularly pleased with the way Timon kept her bite, but never lost her emotional connection to the audience. (Photos by Heather Mortenson)

Austria-Hungary ancient gold coin


Created by Javen Tanner

This was our ninth year and our tenth performance of Sting & Honey’s Nativity. My daughter played Mary this year, and that made it special indeed. The show received yet another rave review. I’m so grateful to all who have made this an annual tradition. (Photos by Kylee Reynolds)

This Bird Poster 2017


NEXT UP: Arcadia, by Tom Stoppard. Happy New Year.


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